ICON Will Not Discriminate

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We are heartbroken by the recent senseless death of George Floyd and many others whose lives were taken away due to the color of their skin. It is frustrating to see that racial inequality is still very much alive in our nation and continues to afflict pain and suffering to our communities of color.

ICON would like to take this time to remind everyone of what we represent and who we serve as a property management company.

ICON is here to serve everyone, no matter their race, color, national origin, religion/creed, sex/gender, familial status or presence of children, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity, marital status, and/or military/veteran status.

ICON and our employees have served and will continue to serve the housing needs of thousands of families throughout the Puget Sound Region. We will never discriminate!

We have zero tolerance for ignorant acts of prejudice and racism. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those who peacefully protest against oppression and fight for equality.

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