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Our years of experience, education, and attention to detail have allowed us to become a premier company specializing in residential multifamily properties & commercial property management. Through many years of leadership in the property management industry, we have learned what works and what doesn’t.

We can resolve problems quickly and at minimum cost when they arise. Our stable team of experienced property managers and support staff effectively balance the desires and needs of property owners and residents to create a positive experience for all parties.


  • I am happy to send a testimonial of my experience with Jeremiah Roberson and ICON. I bought my first apartment complex in 1973, a five unit complex in Seattle and managed it myself. My goal was to get it paid for by the time I retired and enjoy my later years. I went thru all the fun of managing my own property for about 2 weeks and the fun wore off quickly but it was not until I had bought 5 more apts, each larger than the one before, and my wife and I were kept busy doing all the renting, cleaning, painting, advertising, and the phone calls at all times for leaks, something not working, etc. In 1990 we purchased a 79 unit apt. by selling two of our smaller apts. and refinancing our home to achieve the peace afforded us by now having a management company. Now all our properties are managed by Jeremiah and ICON and been with Jeremiah for the last 6 years. He gives us peace of mind and does a wonderful job of management, overseeing everything and saving us money on many contracted jobs by his knowledge of the business. I am very impressed by his attitude and desire to do nothing but the best possible for us. Now we enjoy our home on Camano Island and do not have to continually run back and forth to take care of business. I fully recommend Jeremiah and ICON and leave the managing to ICON! (Pat O.)

  • Jeremiah Roberson, President of Icon has been managing our Properties for over seven years. He continues to impress us with his management and flexibility to our needs. Jeremiah has led us through numerous Capital Improvements, employee transitions, unexpected repairs, legal actions, refinancing, etc. Upon becoming our Property Manager, Jeremiah had to become HUD certified for a smaller complex in Sequim, WA. Though monetary compensation for this property was minimal, he took it on and still continues today. Over the past year, we refinanced our largest property with a HUD 223f loan. The documentation and coordination effort was immense. None of us had any experience with this type of loan. Jeremiah took on the task with gusto. Looking back now, the execution was impressive. We are unique owners for Jeremiah as we are a bit more involved than most. He has taken on the "Team" with acceptance and we work together well. We have been through lean times and now, the current boom. All have been wonderfully managed by Jeremiah. Without any reservation, I give my recommendation for Jeremiah Roberson and ICON. (Karin B.)

  • My wife and I have been “hands-on” landlords in WA since 1991 and we interviewed six separate property management companies before deciding to work with Jeremiah Roberson & ICON Real Estate Services. We both agree that working with Jeremiah has been the best decision we have ever made with our rental properties. The previous management company we had really was just “Coasting” along and costing us tremendous amounts of money without providing an adequate return. Jeremiah finds high quality renovation teams who are reasonably priced & his team works really well with our existing tenants. We give our full recommendation of Jeremiah Roberson and ICON Real Estate Services. We wish we had found him ten years ago! Mike & Carol S.

  • Our family has had rental properties since 1967, almost 50 years. We owned and managed them and still do to a great extent. A couple of years ago, we had Jeremiah Roberson start managing two of our properties in the Seattle area. We can honestly say that a weight has been lifted from our shoulders with a major amount of work, repair, renting, cleaning and most of all the security of knowing that our properties are being taken care of. Our tenants seem happy and the properties are looking good. We feel so much more comfortable taking vacations or just day-to-day living with Jeremiah handling the constant worry that comes with owning and operating properties and the tenants. It was a hard adjustment to let go of the management side and the daily financial responsibility that comes with property management, but Jeremiah has proven himself to us and that his company has truly brought us peace of mind and security that he can accomplish whatever is needed. Hats off to Jeremiah Roberson and Icon for a job well done!!! The Varnes family

  • My family and I originally moved from New York to Seattle in 2004. We are a family of entrepreneurs invested in Real Estate with a variety of businesses. We knew we needed someone we could trust, someone in Seattle who would have our back and put our best interest in the face of every transaction. Jeremiah Roberson and ICON are that company. For the past 10 years I and my family have worked with Jeremiah. We have enjoyed countless hours of meeting time at Starbucks with Jeremiah and closed many deals. He is readily available, whether an email, text or phone call. Sometimes we are all reaching out to him at the same time ....and yet he replies immediately with each one of us, and a smile. He is proficient in his industry, easy to work with and his comical humor makes every correspondence light and enjoyable. If you are looking for a company with an eye for detail, experience in the market, knowledgeable and a caring heart, Jeremiah is the leader of that Company. We never have to worry if our properties are being taken care of or if he is negotiating the best price or deal on our behalf. We, truly, can always count on Jeremiah Roberson and look forward to a long working future together and recommend ICON highly. Majida R.

  • ICON recently took over management of a building I live in, and they stepped right in and made nice improvements to the building and units. Great communication with the onsite manager and maintenance. They're quick to respond and professional. 

  • I have had to go through numerous management companies until I met Jeremiah Roberson five years ago. He has managed to improve tenant retention, increase cash flow, and successfully complete capital improvements on my property. It's refreshing to work with someone who gets it, keeps it simple, and gets things done the right away. (Thomas T.)  


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